Well, Here Is Another Load From the DRM People


MRG is offering a report on the current and future state of DRM and Content Protection. The report claims to be an exhaustive look at the needs that must be addressed if a company wants to compete in the new teleco world. In this new world supposidly everything will be available over your net connection. Video, data and voice will all be available but not unless it is locked away behind some kind of DRM and/or copy protection. Apparently if you do not BUY this report you will not be ready for the world of tomorrow.

Apparently now not even reports can be had without the bloat associated with DRM content. I wonder how long it will be before this report is available for .99 on iTunes? But if you would like to have your very own copy now, you can purchase it for the very reasonable price of $1995. All 57 pages and 38 tables full of information can be yours, just contact Connie Lee at 408-524-9767 or info@mrgco.com for further information


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